AI Marketing The Complete Guide

The Past, Present and Future of AI in Marketing Artificial intelligence in advertising helps marketing teams to better use their keywords to target their customers quickly. The AI strategy and solutions for marketing allow digital marketers to efficiently engage customers and boost revenues. AI reduces the efforts of digital marketers by automating advertising campaigns. AI … Lire la suite

Natural language processing and deep learning chatbot using long short term memory algorithm

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning by Henk Pelk Don’t forget to notice that we have used a Dropout layer which helps in preventing overfitting during training. Now, we will extract words from patterns and the corresponding tag to them. This has been achieved by iterating over each pattern using a nested for loop and … Lire la suite

The role of customer reviews in growth marketing

Get to Know the Customer Service Role Unit By buying corporate products and services, clients reward a company for its operating prowess, setting businesses with lackluster goods apart from segments with performing products. Below, we’ll walk through these key aspects and benefits of customer support and how you can use them to provide your customers … Lire la suite

Top 9 generative AI tools to redefine your content creation

Top Generative AI Tools To Check Out In 2023 💡 Website Building Capabilities – ChatGPT showcases its ingenuity by being capable of constructing websites based solely on an image, streamlining the web development process. 💡 Text and Image Processing – ChatGPT has the ability to process both textual and image inputs, enhancing its versatility in … Lire la suite